Phenix-Racing : amateurs who become more and more professional !


Fabian François is a regular at the '6 Heures Moto de Spa-Francorchamps'. Already in 2008, while the event took 8 hours, he was part of the Rebels Team. Since then, THE Belgian endurance race for motorcycles is on top of his list of races he would not miss for anything in the world. Even better: the 6 Heures are so close to his heart that he wants make them grow, and to make them known beyond our borders. "I love this event. I want it to continue and develop as much as possible. For the first time, our team will also line up two motorcycles, one in the Junior 1000 category like the other years, the other one in  the Inter 1000 category with two world-class riders ... It's a big challenge, but with the passion that we have, we just had to take on this challenge. "

The team is Phenix-Racing, created in 2014, author of three consecutive podiums in Junior 600 (2014-2015-2016) before passing to Junior 1000 and finishing twice in the worst place, the fourth . "Of course we have a little revenge to take in Junior 1000, but honestly, our goal in this category is to finish the race by having as much pleasure as we can and by getting as close as possible to the best riders overall. If this results in a podium, that's just the icing on the cake, but as true amateurs, we focus first on the pleasure we take aboard our bike... And we know that the baltle will be intense." Jean-Paul Plumier, Olivier Poiré and Carl Cheret will compose Team #11 Phenix-Racing Legends 1000 Junior.

For the Phenix-Racing Ruby 1000 Inter team (#19), the goal is somewhat different ... "Here we aim for the Top 3 scratch!" It must be said that for a test shot with the big players of the 6 Heures Moto, Phenix-Racing did not do things by half. The German rider Marvin Fritz, IDM champion in 2016, is part of the official Yamaha YART team in the World Endurance Championship. He has just finished the Suzuka 8 Hours in 6th position ... The Dutchman Bobby Boss is Suzuki Deutschland's official rider in IDM. Two world-class riders who will race on the most beautiful circuit in the world. A nice accomplishment for the team-manager. "It was not easy to set up this project, but thanks to my engineering job at Bridgestone, I was able to get in touch with them and convince them to come to Spa. For them, this is an opportunity to seize in view of the return of the World Endurance Championship to Francorchamps in 2022."

As for the third rider, that's Fabian François himself. "My level is obviously not theirs, but I'll do my best to get up there with them." And the whole team will do the same. "We're still amateurs, but for the Inter team, we try to be as professional as possible. We will have professional mechanics, suspension and tire engineers ... In short, a team as professional as it can be, although entirely voluntary." In total, 30 people will be part of this team that is as dynamic as it is sympathetic.