Media accreditations are granted based on strict criteria

A press accreditation is only granted to journalists* mandated by a media and receiving an income from this activity. This accreditation is a tool enabling them to carry out their work in a professional manner. By no means does it represent a “free entrance ticket”.


  • Those holding an official press card (issued by the Ministry of the Interior) have by definition access to the laissez-passer;
  • Journalists not holding an official press card, but who put in a request and hold a mandate from a media (an assignment order signed by the editor in chief or an overall editor) will be accredited based on certain conditions;
  • Audio-visual media officially recognised (national radio, regional and national televisions);
    • local radio: only if the coverage zone is located within a 20 kilometres radius around the event in question
    • written media with a sufficiently high circulation (daily newspaper, magazines of specialised or general interest, door-to-door)
    • electronic media active in the motorsport sector and able to prove a sufficient number of unique daily visitors – they need to present the statistics of independent visits. In order to obtain an accreditation in the name of a web site, articles released on the Web site in question may not be limited to a mere interpretation of the results. A minimum 50% of the of the articles must have been written or drawn up by the editorial members (not a basic reclaimed press release) and contain at least a presentation of the event they will be covering. Personal blogs are not accepted.
  • photographers affiliated to a recognised professional association and who can prove they hold a professional insurance may obtain an accreditation on condition that they work on behalf of a media;
  • journalists or photographers working for a national or international press agency (such as Belga, AFP, Photonews, Reuters, etc.) can obtain an accreditation on condition they can present an assignment order;
  • photographers or those responsible for the press mandated by a series, a championship or an organiser can obtain an accreditation upon presentation of an assignment order;


Are excluded in every instance:

  • amateur photographers
  • photographers solely active for Web sites
  • Drivers or Team Web site collaborators
  • collaborators and photographers of photograph sites


A maximum of 2 accreditations per media will be granted.

The laissez-passer will only be issued to adults (over 18 years old).

The laissez-passer is strictly personal and may not be handed over to a third party.

The request for an accreditation must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the event in question.

The organisers reserve the right to withdraw an accreditation in the event of any abuse observed or when the organiser’s instructions are not respected.

(*) The term “journalist” refers to all the journalists of the written press (including those working for the online medias), the radio and the television, film crews and press photographers.

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