The 6 Hours of Moto postponed to 2021


No doubt, the year 2020 is very different from all the others. The Covid-19 pandemic that started in mid-March has resulted in countless postponements and cancellations, particularly on the motorsport front. The exit strategy takes its course at the start of this summer, but the number of weekends available on the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit in the second half of the season is unfortunately not extendable. Which leads to certain sacrifices…

We thought for quite a while that we would get a date in the fall, but the 6 Heures Moto organized by DG Sport will finally not take place in 2020. "In collaboration with the management of the Circuit, we have tried to find a solution that would satisfy all parties, but there is no such thing as miracles, comments Florian Jupsin, Bike Manager at DG Sport. Logically, the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit has decided to give priority to major events which were scheduled in spring or summer, and which have also been postponed. So we can only schedule an appointment for our endurance fans in 2021 ... "

That's what we call backing up to jump even farther ... "This postponement to 2021 will allow us to organize the 6 Heures Moto, the only endurance race on Belgian soil, in circumstances much more serene than this year, continues Florian Jupsin. By then, life should have returned to normal. And you can count on us to continue on the the same path as the very successful 2019 edition, marked by the 6 Heures Parade on Friday evening in the heart of the city of Spa. Until then, be patient ... it will be rewarded ! As we are used to with DG Sport… ”